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Drama and performing Arts Courses

We have a specially designed rolling curriculum across all age groups and course types. Each year, our choice of material, genre and focus changes, allowing students to spend three terms exploring and developing a specific set of new skills and experiences, and realise them through performance. Meanwhile, regardless of the material being explored, we simultaneously return to basic strategies and techniques that are common to all live performance work, thereby building on the work of previous years. Our objective is to offer complete and exciting opportunities for those who may be with us for one or two years, whilst also providing life-long learning based on a rich set of contrasting experiences for our long-term students.

Stage 4 (15-18 yr olds)


Stage 4 Drama (15-18 yrs)

Sept-June (33 x 1.5 hr sessions)

From CHF1,340.00

Stage 4 Drama students are introduced to techniques taught at the major accredited drama schools in the UK. Building on the skills developed within Stage 2 and 3, they learn how to apply the techniques developed by leading theatre practitioners to both contemporary and classical texts.

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Stage 4 Performing Arts Course (15-18 yrs)

Sept-June (33 weeks x 3 hrs)

From CHF2,440.00

Our Performing Arts courses provide a wonderful opportunity for students wishing to explore the world of musical theatre and to receive all-round coaching, taking their performance skills to a more advanced level, in a fun, energetic and creative environment. Our PA classes are age specific and focus on age appropriate theatre skills and material.

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