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Mini Theatre Workshops (Mini Performers)

Geneva: 22-26 July/5-9 August/19-23 August - Zurich: 8-12 July

Musical Theatre Showcase (Performers)

Geneva: 19-23 August - Zurich: 15-19 July - A week-long Musical Theatre camp, learning the repertoire from a whole host of Musicals past and present!

An Actor's Toolbox (Performers)

Geneva: 12-16 August - Zurich: 12-16 August - Spend the week with tutors from some of the UK’s top drama schools exploring essential acting skills.

Technical Theatre (Performers)

Geneva 5-9 August - Lean how a show is created. How it is lit, how it sounds, how it looks. Working with industry professionals, see how much creativity goes on behind the scenes.

The Will Experience (Performers)

Geneva: 22-26 July - Zurich: 1-5 July - Brush up your Shakespeare and join us for a week exploring the characters, language and themes of some of Will’s best loved plays.

Frantic! (Performers)

Geneva: 15-19 July - Zurich 22-26 July -Using group improvisations to create a powerful story and characters, build your world and tell your tale led by experts in the field of physical and devised theatre.

The Director's Cut (Performers)

Geneva: 8-12 July - Spend the week working as a team to direct and star in your own short film.

Kids We Will Rock You - (Young Performers)

Geneva: 19-23 August - Zurich: 1-5 July

Aladdin Jnr (Young Performers)

Based on the 1992 Academy-Award®-winning film and the 2014 hit Broadway show about the “diamond in the rough” street rat who learns that his true worth lies deep within.

Move it! - Young Performers / Performers

Geneva: 1-5 July (Performers); 29-2 August (Young Performers); Zurich 8-12 July (Performers). Looking to enhance your street style of dance in one week? Dance your way through a range of styles from urban street to commercial dance.