13-18 Year Olds

Stage 3 Drama

In addition to the skills developed on our Stage 2 drama course, students are introduced to techniques taught at the major accredited drama schools in the UK and to techniques devddeloped techniques by various theatre practitioners, applying them to contemporary and classical texts.

The Stage 3 Drama Course is 90 minutes per week for a 33 week year.

Performing Arts Courses

Our Performing Arts courses provide a wonderful opportunity for students wishing to explore the world of musical theatre and to receive all-round coaching, taking their performance skills to a more advanced level, in a fun, energetic and creative environment.

The course provides comprehensive Musical Theatre tuition with each week’s 3 hour session split into three 55 minute sections incorporating singing, dancing and acting.

A broad range of material is explored, taken from the very best of American and British musicals, past and present.

Dance Courses

The Academy’s courses in Ballet, Tap and Jazz provide a great opportunity for students wishing to explore the world of Dance and take their dance skills to a more advanced level. 

Our Dance courses provide comprehensive tuition each week and students work with highly experienced tutors exploring technique and choreography, increasing their dance vocabulary and expression through movement. We highly encourage students to make more than one genre in order to broaden their dance skills.

If you have never done dance before, then your best starting point is to sign up for a Beginner’s course in Modern, Tap or Ballet. Once you are ready, you will be then moved to the appropriate grade. Experienced dancers should contact us if they wish to be admitted to a more advanced level.

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