4 – 6 Year Olds

Mini Dramas

“Fun” is the key word for our Academy ‘Mini Dramas’. By using a game-based structure for training and exploration, we teach both theatre skills and the life skills that arise from working as part of a team.

Our Mini Drama Courses are 60 minutes per week for a 33 week year.

Mini Performing Arts (Mini PA)

Our Mini PA courses are classes in singing and dancing for our smallest performers. It offers early exposure to musical theatre and a chance for young children to express their voices through a fun range of singing exercises as well as to express their bodies rhythmically.

Our Mini PA courses are intended to be taken in conjunction the mini drama courses. However they can also be taken on their own. 

Our Mini Performing Arts Courses are 60 minutes per week for a 33 week year.

Mini Drama Courses in Zurich


Wednesday 13.45-14.45



Wednesday 14.00-15.00
Thursday 15.50-16.50

Mini Performing Arts Courses in Zurich


Monday 16.15-17.15


Course Registration Fee (10%) Tuition Term 1 Tuition Term 2 Tuition Term 3 Total Tuition (90%)
Mini Dramas 101 409 300 200 909
Mini PA 121 490 359 239 1,089

All courses are for a full academic year of 34 weeks. The price includes a T-shirt at the start of the year (not including dance courses) and their showcase performance at the end of the year. The price shown is made up of the registration fee (10%) and the tuition fee (90%).

The registration fee is payable to guarantee your place. After this you can pay term fees:
a) in one installment (with a 5% discount), payable by August 1st.
b) in three termly installments, payable August 1st, December 30th, and March 30th.
c) in nine monthly installments, on the first of each month (with 5% surcharge).

  • Sibling Discount 10% on courses applied from the 2nd child enrolled. 20% for 3rd + child enrolled.
  • Finance Discount – 5% Advance Payment Discount where this option is taken.

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